Brand Spectum

Few  people  are  aware  that  the  mirror  is  one  of  mankind's oldest  inventions.  Initially ,  mirrors  had  a  purely  utilitarian function,  but  with  time  they  also became  important decorative  elements,  even  synonymous  with  luxury  and affluence. Nowadays mirrors are a common product without which it  is  difficult  to  imagine  a  contemporary  interior.

For  all  people  paying  special  attention  to  the  objects  that surround  them  we  created  Spectum  -  a  line  of  exceptional mirrors  combining  beauty,  functionality and  the  best workmanship.  Owing  to  a  broad  selection  of  stylistically diverse models everybody will be able to find  a product to suit their  demands  and  tastes. In  the  process  of  mirror manufacture we skilfully combine various materials, drawing upon  many  years  of  experience  as  well  as  state-of -the-art glass  processing technology.

Dubiel   Vitrum  -  the  owner  of  Spectum  -  has  been manufacturing  mirrors  for  over  30  years.  Officially,  the company  was  registered  in  1982,  but  its  glass-making traditions  go back to the  1930s.   At  that  time  Piotr  Dubiel took up  work  as  a  journeyman  at  a  glazing  workshop  in  Tarnow. Following  the  Second World  War  he  opened  his  own workshop  in  Rabka-Zdroj  and  in  1965  he  obtained  a  glass-making  master's  diploma.  Piotr  passed  on  his  knowledge to his son  –  Andrzej, who set  up his own company  in  1982, since  then  in  continuous  operation.

At  present  Dubiel  Vitrum  is  a  modern  plant  manufacturing mirrors  and  flat  glass  for  use  in  construction  and  interior architecture.  Dubiel  Vitrum's  products have  been  valued for years because of their high quality and can be purchased in  over  a  dozen  countries  throughout  the  world. Please explore our collection of extraordinary mirrors created with an  intense  passion  and  care  for  every  detail.